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Why Grassfed is even better than Organic

What are grassfed animal products?
Most of the meat products available in your grocery store come from animals that are raised in large confinement facilities where they are fed grain-based diets and treated with a variety of drugs.
By contrast,"grassfed" meat comes from animals that are raised on high quality pasture on small family farms. The animals are not treated with hormones, feed antibiotics, or other unnecessary drugs, so their products are healthy, wholesome, and natural in every sense of the word.

Why choose grassfed products?
Raising animals on pasture is better for the animals, the farmers, and the environment. Just as important, grassfed products are better for your health. They are lower in total fat and calories, but richer in "good" fats such as omega-3 fatty acids and the cancer-fighting fat CLA. They also have higher levels of a number of antioxidant vitamins.

What is the difference between "organic" products and "grassfed" products?
Many people who are concerned about the quality of their food buy organically certified products. Unfortunately, many organic dairy and beef operations raise their animals in confinement and feed them organic grain and other feedstuffs rather than their natural diet of fresh pasture.
Feeding large amounts of grain to a ruminant alters the nutritional value of it's meat or dairy products, whether the grain is raised organically or conventionally. Grain feeding also compromises the health of grazing animals and exacts a greater toll on the environment.

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